We found a coffee shop in HK that roasts its own coffee! It’s near the Stanley St. Market and is called Holly Brown. Their lattes are rich, frothy, and dark. The hot chocolate (right) was dark and thick, too. It was very rich and better than most hot chocolates I’ve had. 

 When I was a kid, and we would come to HK from Lantau Island, we’d get gagged out by the smell of rancid oil. It was a dish that my mom called “stinky tofu.” We found it at the Causeway Bay Flower Market. I bought one. It tastes just like it smells – fermented, rotten, stinky tofu. There is a bit of hoisin sauce on it, but there wasn’t enough hoisin to cover it. I ate about half of it and then had to toss the rest. There went $1.50.

This dish, on the other hand, was a total winner. It’s a tong sui (tong sway), or sweet soup. The soups are made of a variety of ingredients. This one has glutinous rice balls filled with black sesame seed paste. The balls are slightly sweet, mostly bland chewy balls. The broth was gingery and robust. 

Josh and I made a go at street food yesterday. The Temple Street Market has lots of restaurants, and the Temple Street Spice Crab one isn’t my favorite by a stretch. It took forever to get our order in (partly because they were busy but mostly I think they were ignoring us). They almost forgot our second item — I went to cancel it as it was coming out. Lame.  We’ll definitely try a different place next time.

On the other hand, we found another place that serves sweet soup. We ordered a coffee to go, and it came wrapped in a plastic bag. 

Ocean Terminal on Kowloon side is having a chocolate special. I am a chocoholic…