Won ton soup with noodles


Won ton soup with shrimp and chestnuts



Egg custard – with whole egg or with egg white only. These are Josh’s new favorite dessert. He said, “We’ll have to go back there several times.”


Dried Fish. Just break apart and eat with rice.


Traditional ways of preparing claypot dishes. Those are individual charcoal burning stoves. The staff wore intensively thick fireproof gloves and rotated the pots frequently.


Soy sauce duck and some sausages. Not sure what the yellow food is.


I thought it was tapioca soup. It’s a white fungus soup. Good for your skin.


Radish jiao zi. (think jee-ow zuh)


Horseradish cake, cubed and fried.


Mushroom fungus and spinach


An assortment of vegetarian “meats” with different seasonings: curry, cha siu, chicken, chicken cutlet, tofu skin. Absolutely delicious.


Each of these is a citrusy beverage. We drank Yakult when I was a kid. Mr. Juicy was supposedly just an orange juice, but it’s more like Tang (right).