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The International Examiner, a free publication in the International District, published an examination of popular Asian dishes and the nutrients they provide. It’s not really a disheartening article – we all know that restaurant food is a bit indulgent. But at the same time, when the writers show how much exercise would be needed to burn off those calories, it can cause me to think twice before ordering my favorite dish. But then I order it and plan on exercising the next day.
So, in no particular order, here are some excerpts of the chart of popular foods and why it’s not the healthiest choice on the menu.
Honey Walnut Prawns – high fructose syrup is the problem here. It provides 582 calories and requires 41 minutes of walking, according to the chart.
Pho – the sodium will catch you. One large bowl packs in 449 calories and will cost you 24 minutes of walking.

Phad Thai is packed with noodles fried in oil and doesn’t usually provide too many vegetables. It gives you 750 calories and will require about 206 minutes of walking. I guess we could walk from Downtown to the U District and back for dinner.

Bubble tea is packed with sugar – both in the sweet boba tapioca balls and in the drink itself. At 340 calories, you should proably split it with a close friend. Or walk for nearly an hour to burn off those calories.

Well, I guess I should sell my car, since I intend to feature these foods on my plate occasionally!