I started writing years ago, before I really thought of it being a way to pay bills. Writing, like any other job, sounds soooo fun until you use it as a way for making a living.

In a television series my husband and I enjoy, the male main character is a writer, and other guests on the show always say, “Oh you’re a writer. That must be so fun.” To which he responds, “I suppose it is.” Awkward pause.

Yep, it’s fun and you get to share your opinions about all sorts of things, but at the same time, it’s still work. I’ve had amazing opportunities for writing, starting with the Pepperdine Graphic in college and working for That’s Natural in Colorado. While each of these opportunities has been wonderful, and I have grown so much as a writer, I feel like I’ve recently turned a corner in writing.

In August,  Kevin Finch, who is a well-connected writer and founder of Big Table in Spokane, WA, helped me connect with Darin Burt, an editor for the WA Magazine in Spokane. Darin asked me to write a piece about Chef Ethan Stowell. And he paid me. Now I’ve been paid before for my writing, but I’ve never been published in an actual magazine.  It’s different seeing your name typed on glossy paper.

Chef Ethan Stowell was in the final days of preparing Staple & Fancy Mercantile when I met with him. I’ve since returned to that restaurant to enjoy a drink and chat a little. It was a great experience to write for a magazine and to cut my teeth on writing for pay. I’m hopeful that it will continue!

Check out the magazine, available for sale at most magazine stands, by subscription online, or by viewing this virtual copy here.

Staple & Fancy Mercantile