If you’ve been a student or if you’ve ever attended a guest lecture, you might have wondered about the instructor and what brought him or her to the podium today. I frequently read and reread the little blurbs about the speakers, but they’re usually a bit sparse. It tells about recent publications or accolades. Sometimes it mentions the educational backgrounds or professional visions. But what about the things that actually make them tick? If you could have dinner with them, what would they eat? If they thought no one was actually looking, what would they eat? Do they write or cook for fun? Or has it become work? Yah.. I wonder about these things.

Well, I don’t have access to all the greatest chefs of the world – or of Seattle – but the people who have come across my path will now get to enjoy starring roles on my blog, which is read by a fair number of readers. If you have suggestions of people who merit interviews – chefs, servers, managers, food writers, food lovers, your mom, your grandmother, the produce people – just let me know, and give me their contact information.

I do my best to capture their personalities based on what they tell me and what I remember to write down. So forgive me for grammar errors and things alike.