As of midnight on Wednesday, September 15th, Rouxbe Online Cooking School will no longer offer Lifetime Memberships. This incredible deal is open to you, my reader, for 24 more hours as of this writing.
Why should you get a membership to Rouxbe? Because not everyone needs to attend a full-time culinary program like I have chosen to do. You may want to learn a few techniques or try a new idea, but culinary school isn’t in your future. Maybe you’d like to take cooking classes at a kitchen store, but you don’t have the time or you want to learn other techniques that aren’t being offered. Rouxbe is definitely for you. Whether you’re trying to figure out which cut of beef is best for your meal (see below) or figure out how to hold your new knife correctly, Rouxbe might be just want you’re looking for.

Premium Beef Cuts for Steak

If cooking school is out of reach, but you still want to get some lessons in the privacy of your own kitchen, then give Rouxbe a try. If you’ve already tried it and love it, then consider the Lifetime Membership before it’s too late.

Here’s what Rouxbe says about its membership package:

It’s your last chance to upgrade to Lifetime Membership — and save $150 off the regular price.

Upgrade by Wednesday, September 15th and you will lock-in a lifetime of cooking classes and instruction.

As Rouxbe enters its fifth year of operation we have users in over 200 countries, partnerships with leading companies such as Visa and Allrecipes, and almost 1,000 instructional cooking videos (with many more in development). As we begin our next five years and prepare to release some exciting new products, we’ve decided to stop selling new Lifetime Memberships.

As an Annual Member, we are offering you a $150 discount off the standard price of a Lifetime Membership. This discount covers the $99 you paid for your Annual Membership plus an additional $50 savings.

Use the promotional code LAST150 on the checkout page to take advantage of this one-time offer.

Why upgrade to a Lifetime Membership?

Best Value. Get a lifetime of learning at the Rouxbe Cooking School for less than the price of just one traditional cooking class.

No Recurring Charges. Avoid recurring charges on your credit card with just one simple payment.

Lifetime Learning. We release new lessons every month. Don’t miss the upcoming lessons on marinating, grains, using spices, soup making, baking, plating, roasting — and many more.

The Rouxbe Cooking School

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the promotional code LAST150 when you check out. We don’t want you to miss the savings!