Leavenworth trips to our family are steeped in tradition. We accompany our parents for a day of antique shopping, ice cream eating, and splashing around in Icicle River. Last time we went to Leavenworth, we actually camped with friends from REI. And we didn’t eat at a German restaurant. We had south-of-the-border food.

Tucked along a back street in Leavenworth is South, a restaurant that has received praise from Leslie Kelly, a well-respected food writer from Seattle. I was heartened when I saw that. So we walked in. We ate the Vegetarian Poblano Relleno, and at first, we were a little unsure. The bar was really busy, but most of the guests looked like tourists. We took our food to go.

When we sat down to eat, we opened the treasure box of food. It was absolutely worth the drive. The Relleno was moist, fluffy, and light. It was slightly sweet but with a zippy punch. Even though the portion wasn’t large, it was filling and satisfying. Since we got it to go, there isn’t much I can say about the service, but the bartender was nice while we sat waiting for our meal.

We’re definitely going to sit down for dinner next time. Since it was so busy, I would probably call ahead to get my name on the list or to make a reservation. We’re looking forward to our next trip, and now we have a favorite restaurant to visit.

If you go:
South Food and Drink
913 Front St.