David Quinn is not afraid of food or of being the first. A co-founder of Allrecipes, Quinn walked through the gathering at Allrecipes like a proud papa. He watched the Rouxbe Online Cooking School presentation by CEO Paul Bloom, and he commented that the videos enhanced the cooking experience. Bloom showed that Rouxbe’s videos can be played on an iPad as well as streamed through your computer. Quinn looked impressed, and he said this could be the way that home cooks can cook alongside the chefs during the demos.

To my confused frown, he explained. A few years ago, inventors were attempting to figure out how to get video devices in the kitchen. Small televisions, counter-mounted video players, and hand-held recorders were explored. Now, it seems that Rouxbe’s use of the iPad might solve that problem. Cooks can select the course they want to study, such as deboning a chicken, and they can stream the video while standing in front of their own chicken.

Quinn said the trick to Allrecipe’s continued success is that they stay ahead of the trends. “Always ahead,” he added. “It’s about listening to what the customers want and giving them the experience they’re looking for.”

Yah, I’d say Allrecipes listens. They’ve introduced a subscription level to the basic site, and this provides an enhanced experience to sorting the database of recipes based on certain criteria. It is also more interactive. Customers asked for it. Allrecipes delivered.