A few months ago, I had the rare and incredibly fun opportunity to get a $40 gift from CSN.com. I purchased an Analon saucier and a food thermometer. I know, they’re not romantic, but they’re so practical. I rave about my saucier all the time. I heat milk and soup for one in the little pan, and it’s fantastic. It’s heavy-weight, like a Dutch oven, so things don’t scorch easily at all. You really have to abuse the temperature to burn your food, and I love that little safety buffer. I admit that there times that I get a bit distracted in the kitchen, after-all.

Well, this time, CSN has given me the opportunity to pass the gift along to you. So, what do you have to do to win? You just have to enter! I will randomly select one reader who responds to this post who can explain why my blog is called Peas on Moss. The answer is in a (long) entry that I wrote at the beginning of the blog. See if you can find it, and then explain it to me 🙂
Enter away! I’ll be picking a winner on August 30th. You can’t win, if you’ve won previous contests. Oh, and you must “follow” my blog and be a fan on Facebook to be eligible.
Enjoy readers, and get yourself a saucier or something useful (think knives, spatulas, tongs, hot pads, thermometers).