Carl Hanson isn’t your ordinary foodie. Or is he? This food writer turned dot-com copywriter didn’t find his calling in life in the traditional corporate world. So what did this brilliant man do to find out what type of job turned his dials? He got more schooling.  “It just all worked out,” he says humbly of his transition back to student life. He studied at Boston University’s Master’s of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program and worked for the law school. Before you try to eat your hand in jealousy, just read on. While at the program, Hanson had the chance to meet Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Jancis Robinson. Laughing, Hanson described his opportunity literally eat scraps from Child’s plate. “We were sitting next to each other [at a luncheon]. She didn’t want to finish her meal, so she turned to me and asked if I wanted it.”  
What Hanson loved about the Gastronomy program was the emphasis on the relationship between food and the human experience. He speaks enthusiastically about his interest in the emotional meaning of food. 
“It’s about moving towards relationships between a community and the food it eats,” he explains.  
And how does Allrecipes fit in? After some searching, Hanson found this job, and it seems like a perfect fit, pairing his passion for food and community.
“Allrecipes is a way for people to experience food from other regions and to share their food experiences with others,” he says. When the website visitors get excited about the food, when they build their personal recipe boxes, Hanson gets excited. His particular expertise is in wine and cocktails, and he plans on developing that portion of the Allrecipes site this year. He wants to give readers the opportunity to communicate more about food and wine and to explore the relationship between them.