Last week, I had the unusual and thrilling pleasure of attending an AllRecipes premier of What’s Cooking, their newest innovation in getting the home cooking community connected. I wrote a piece for Examiner, but I wanted to talk about the staff at AllRecipes.

If you’re like me, AllRecipes is one of those sites that you visit when you’re looking for dinner solutions, recipes for regional foods, and for different ways to create your favorite dish. I have a rolling recipe list of items that I have to search for frequently. I, like family members and readers of mine, use AllRecipes as often or more often than the cookbooks that gather dust on my shelves.

It’s so easy to search a recipe based on the name, the ingredients, or the popularity. Then all you do is print it out. You can even print it with the nutritional facts, which is a favorite feature of mine. I love my cookbooks, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to have a printed recipe that I don’t have to be afraid of smudging with oil, chocolate, or berry juice, which manage to cling to my fingers no matter how many bar towels I have hanging all over my kitchen.

I feel like I’ve gotten to know different home cooks by reading the comments, introductions, and thoughts about recipes. But have you ever wondered about the staff that makes the recipes available on the website? How do recipes get featured? Who controls the database? Do the staff have “secret” identities on Allrecipes to share their favorites? How did they get the dream job of the century (for me)? What do they cook at home? Where do they dine out? Thankfully, the staff didn’t mind that I asked all these prying questions, and for the next few days, I’ll be featuring one of the staff members who has willingly shared a little of his or her life and career with me.  So, Read on! And check out Allrecipes for their latest features and for the What’s Cooking series. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured someday!

This wall is a picture of all of the Allrecipes staff with their pick for their favorite food product – chips, vegetables, chocolate syrup… everything. So yes, Allrecipes staff is made up of foodies. And you know what? They’re proud of it.