I write for both Livestrong.com and Examiner.com.

As a Livestrong writer, I cover food and nutrition articles, usually focusing on the health of a topic. Here are some of the latest articles.

How Healthy Foods Can Make You Fat

Food Detox Programs

Organic Baby Food Vs. Regular Baby Food

As an Examiner writer, I cover Seattle Gourmet Food. The topic is pretty open, and I’ve planned articles about gourmet restaurants and cafes, food and ingredients, recipes, and food service professionals. I also plan on writing a few gourmet food tour itineraries. Recently, I’ve written about Starbucks’ Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, which I had the rare opportunity of tasting before the general public tasted it. And the event organizer found me through Examiner! So, I’m working hard on that journal.

Starbucks offers rare Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 

Enjoy the reading, and if you have topics you’d like me to research, just comment below!