Well, my friends, a few brave ones have submitted their thoughts about the gluten-free baking contest, so I thought I would up the stakes a little.
Rather than asking YOU to create a gluten-free version of your family favorites, why don’t you submit the dessert names through the Comments of this blog post, and we will vote on which ones you want ME to convert into gluten-free versions. Once voting closes on May 15th, then I will attempt to create the top voted item as a gluten-free version and photograph the whole thing.
For each contribution and subsequent vote, I will send you a free gift from Pamela’s Products. I’ll contact you once your suggestion is posted to mail you your gift. I’ll also have to get the recipe from you.
So between today, April 30th, and May 15th, suggest and vote for the best suggestions for gluten-free desserts. I’ll keep you posted on which dessert is on top.
For Thanksgiving I made pumpkin custards – crustless pumpkin pies with crystalized sugar.
The Fisher scones would be great candidates for converting to gluten-free. What do you think?