Who doesn’t like to buy and try new gadgets and cool things for your kitchen and home? I LOVE getting new toys for my kitchen! CSN stores sells all sorts of great items for the home, including home decor, kitchen tools, and even baby cribs!

I like looking at the different pans, knives, and dishes on Cookware.com, because it allows me to narrow my search to specific qualities or costs of tools without much effort. I have also had the opportunity to review an item for them, so look for that test soon!
Last winter, I partnered with CSN to host a drawing for a baking pan, which Laura Hunter won. This time, I get to test out an item, and you get to read about it 🙂
Check back soon!
I make home-made salsa, and when I’m making a lot of salsa, I get out my trusty food processor to shorten the time spent chopping ingredients. What handy tool do you use?