Celiac disease affects about 1 in 133 people in the US (Gluten Intolerance Group, 2010, “Celiac Disease”), and SPINS, a natural products industry information company, reports that the gluten-free segment of the food industry is worth $921 million (2010, “Gluten-Free Sector Still Hot in Tough Times”). Celiac disease is still believed to be widely under-diagnosed, so it is still possible that diagnoses will increase as awareness continues (Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, 2010, “Celiac Disease”). For food service managers, product developers, and health professionals, this shows that the industry is set to grow even more. Registered Dietitians must be at the forefront of the increasing nutritional advice being published on blogs, health websites, and magazine websites in order to ensure that correct information and appropriate support for those following the gluten-free diet is provided.
The Gluten Intolerance Group has partnered with Pamela’s Products to host the first ever Gluten-Free Challenge, to take place in the middle of Gluten Free Awareness Month, May. The objective of the challenge is to increase awareness of the gluten-free lifestyle and to learn something new about the challenge and opportunity of eating gluten-free. You can join the challenge by visiting www.gogfchallenge.com. You’ll receive recipes and tips for the month.
In support of this challenge, I am hosting a gluten-free cooking contest for my readers to win some gluten-free items from Pamela’s Products for themselves. Pamela’s Products is based in California, but their products can be found nationwide in many grocery stores, including Kroger stores like Ralph’s, King Soopers, and Fred Meyer. You can also find Pamela’s Products at specialty and health stores like Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Metropolitan Market, and PCC. I have used the Baking Mix since 2008, and I absolutely love it. I can bake some of the most moist and textured quick breads that some cannot even tell that the breads are gluten-free. I want you, my reader, to have the opportunity to give Pamela’s products a test -even if just once.
The contest is going to take place April 23 through May 1, and I will announce the winner on May 22nd, to kick-start the Gluten-Free Challenge.
You will bake a family favorite dessert using a gluten-free flour mix like Pamela’s Products rather than conventional ingredients (flour or whole wheat flour).
The dessert must be one that requires a gluten-free substitute and not a naturally gluten-free item.
The recipes must be original to you, but inspiration can come from other sites of recipes, like AllRecipes or Pamela’s Products websites. If you take a recipe from somewhere else, then be sure to credit your inspiration.
You will create a recipe including instructions for serving the dessert.
Pictures of the cooking process and of the dessert will be happily received.

Submit your recipe, pictures, and contact information to me. If you are selected as the winner, then you will win Pamela’s Product samples in the following way:
Grand Prize: 1 lb Gluten Free Baking Mix and 1 Lb Gluten Free Bread Mix
Runner up 1: 1 Package Vanilla Cake Mix with Chocolate Frosting
Runner up 2: 1 Package Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix
I will select from the best-written recipes and bake them. Joshua will have the opportunity to judge them based on taste. If we have a tie, then a non-gluten-free diner (probably selected from our family members) will have to cast the tie-breaking vote. I will post the best recipes online with pictures and credit. If you would like your picture posted as well, send that to me.
We will be judging the products by the following parameters:
Originality – 5
Ease of Preparation – 3
Taste – 10
Texture – 7
Appearance – 5
30 points possible
Enter by emailing me your recipe, tips, and pictures at kimberly.schaub@gmail.com no later than midnight May 1st.
I’ll catalog the entries in a blog post and then select my favorites, which I’ll then bake and blog about. You’ll receive notification by email if you are selected as a winner.
By submitting your recipe and pictures, you are consenting to having them posted on my blog. If you are selected as a winner, I will contact you for your mailing address and shipping information.
I hope you enjoy the contest and are able to participate in the gluten free challenge!