Life is all about transitions, and the path I’ve taken has been nothing predictable. I suppose everyone’s life is that way, but sometimes it would seem that my path is a little bumpier than it really needs to be.

I was planning on using the Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill to help cover the costs of the culinary arts program, but I was denied because I had not fulfilled my AFROTC 4 year contract. I had applied to separate from the military early, because they were offering scholarship buy-outs. So, I technically didn’t fulfill my contract, but I did from the Air Force’s perspective. I received an Honorable Discharge. However, from the VA’s perspective, that’s an incomplete contract. I did not receive educational benefits, like I have not received medical benefits.

While it is incredibly frustrating to experience another setback, I can’t forget that there have been numerous people along the path helping to shape me into the person I am. I know I credited them when I first thought I was getting into the program, and I have to remind myself of my cheer team whenever I feel frustrated.

Joshua has been so supportive of my journey, because it has been a set back in our finances for me to pursue opening a business and other entrepreneur-ish things. We have decided that we will try to get enrolled in the Fall, when I’m considered an in-state student. That at least will be a little more affordable.

In the meantime, I suppose I should get a full-time job!