This year, I am finally going to culinary school.

I chose a 2-year program at Seattle Central Community College, called the Seattle Culinary Academy.

Why did I choose a community college? Because Graham Kerr told me to. No really. I worked for Day by Day Gourmet, and he was the original recipe developer for that company. He welcomed me into his life and gave me advice about career development, including the importance of meeting and learning from the right people. Enter culinary school.

I have connected with Paul Bloom, the CEO of Rouxbe Online Culinary School, a website of high quality instructional videos that teach specific culinary skills to people interested in developing their art but who don’t want to or cannot enroll in culinary programs. Rouxbe is different than other video cooking, because the focus is on skill development rather than entertainment. 
 Throughout the culinary school time, I’ll be comparing specific material that is offered in a traditional class setting and by Rouxbe, to compare the two forms of learning. I will be posting information about how to access Rouxbe’s courses, and I will discuss the pros and cons of in-person and online training. 
I hope you find it informational to compare online cooking education with in-person training. Please contact me with any questions. 
Since I’ve partnered with Rouxbe, you get the special opportunity to preview the main website for free.