I filled in my paperwork at the Seattle Culinary Academy today! Actually, it’s quite simple when signing up for a program. The administrative assistant had pre-assigned us our classes, so all I had to do is sign the registration form and go stand in line at the admissions office.

Then they gave me my shopping list. Knives, uniforms, textbooks… If anyone would like to donate to my cause, just let me know. Oh, haha! Well, at least follow my blog for the experience of being a culinary arts student. I am going to try put recipes on here as well.

Class is Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, and the schedule is almost completely filled with classes. I get to start with some introductory classes, including another food safety class. I really can’t wait. Of course, I should probably not go on and on about how excited I am about studying, just so I have to eat those words later.

I do want to start a Thank-you list for those who have encouraged my development in food and who have all but shoved me towards culinary school:

My parents, who gave me plastic toy foods, miniature cooking equipment, and a real Kitchen Aid stand mixer

My grandparents, who let me sit next to them in the kitchen while my grandmas cooked

My husband, who said “I always knew you’d prefer culinary school” and other encouraging things like this (and who is the willing victim of my cooking and who helps me prepare meals)

My Schaub family, who constantly buy me aprons and cooking things to feed my addiction

The food staff at Dyess AFB when I was there who let me do zany things like serve meals on the line

And my mentor, Graham Kerr, who said “You should go to culinary school and study under Greg Atkinson” — the writing on the wall can’t get any clearer

and so on… more later