I have loved food since the first day that my mom gave me a plastic tea set. I have dreamt about exploring cuisines, and I have imagined being a professional chef all my life. I watched Great Chefs of America, the Galloping Gourmet, and Yang Can Cook. I even tried some of the recipes. When it came to college, I took the conservative route (how could a cook make money?) and earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Pepperdine University (with a college degree, I’ll make lots of money). 
Since the Air Force paid for my undergraduate, I served for a few years in the USAF. When I finished with my service, I worked as a nutrition consultant, a nutrition and health educator, and a cooking instructor. I also washed dishes, wrote and edited for a news magazine, and made coffee and lattes. Through it all, I found myself returning to food – real food. 
So this year, I am going to culinary school, and you, my reader, get to follow along.