The Culinologist Podcast: Chef Barbara Zatto compares R&D and restaurant kitchens and why she thinks R&D is great

Research chef Barbara Zatto earned her chef stripes in New York City before coming to Seattle to cook. She quickly realized that the training made her a unique chef in Seattle, which hadn't quite started the culinary revolution that we enjoy today. After several years in hotel and restaurant food service, Chef Barbara transitioned to R&D. In this interview we discuss her transition to R&D and compare big city kitchens and research kitchens. An active member of the RCA, Chef Barbara is a volunteer Director of Social Media for the Research Chefs Association. Find out more about the RCA at www.culinology.org


The Culinologist Podcast: Find out why Land O'Lakes Chef Erik Jones wants to share his passion for Culinology with culinary schools and students.

Chef Erik Jones started as many of us did - Front of House and cooking through the different stations in the kitchen - and he has just graduated with a degree in Culinology. Now he's on a mission to get culinary arts students to think bigger than the textbook careers for them and to consider corporate R&D. As a co-founder of the RCA Student Committee, Erik is passionate about his industry and shares examples of other ways to use a culinary background. 
Get information about The Culinologist at www.theculinologist.wordpress.com
Contact Erik about speaking to your culinary arts program: EJones@landolakes.com


The Culinologist Podcast: Chef Subra Balakrishnan on bringing Culinology to Canada

Chef Subra Balakrishnan has a firm background in hotel food service, and when he took a food science basics course for chefs in Vancouver, he decided to start planning to move into research and development. There wasn't a Culinology course available at the time - there still isn't yet, in Canada - so he studied Applied Culinary Arts. Now that's he's a corporate chef at Griffith Foods, Chef Subra is working with the Culinary Institute of Canada to bring Culinology north.


The Culinologist Podcast: Gluten Free Repertoire Chef Gavin Draper is publishing a cookbook!

English chef Gavin Draper has spent the last decades in Australia cooking and sharing his food philosophy, and now he's putting his passion project in print. Hear how cruising around the world on the QE2 and international travel led Chef Gavin to Australia and how he eventually specialized his craft into gluten-free cooking expertise. Rather than waiting for a publisher to find him, Chef is self-publishing and is hosting a Kickstarter fundraising event to engage clients and future fans. 

Connect with Chef Gavin: www.glutenfreerepertoire.com
Check out the Kickstarter, through Oct 7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/glutenfreerepertoire/382894059?token=bd2a4689